February 12th Pop Up Shop at Music City Flea

Music City Flea pop up shop was a success. Thank you to the customer that bought me out of the cedar wood air plant magnets right at the end of the day! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and thank you to my wonderful husband, Ryan, who helped out again. 

I brought Pothos plants galore. It is hard to pack plants and travel in a tiny car with all of the show gear, but that is for another post. 

I brought some succulents and air plants too, focusing on just having more plants at this show than the last one, but still having some (or still a lot, really) of the decor too. 


If you couldn't make it out to see me, here are some photos. There were a lot more vendors there today too than last show in January. 

I have not scheduled the next date yet for Music City Flea. I'm trying to decide if I'll do March too, or just wait until April. Either way, I can't wait for warmer weather for when we can do these outside! 


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