Getting Ready for the First Pop Up Shop

This Saturday at Music City Flea 11-4, visit White Whale Plants and Decor in person!

Located in the same place as the East Nashville Night Market 400 Davidson St. 

I'm excited (and nervous) since this is the first one for White Whale and I haven't done one in general in over 10 years. 

I have some plants I've grown from cuttings, some from seeds, and some I rescued from  various stores and made them look nice again. 

There will be some handmade items that I made plus lots of cute items not made by me.

I am happy to be featuring many nice items from women owned shops, and made in the USA. It became too difficult to find everything made in USA right now as I originally wanated to, so I have a few plant pots made in China, but that's the exception. 

One of my favorite things is these little Oui yogurt glass jars turned planters. I love any chance to re-purpose things and reduce waste. 

The big challenge now is trying to fit everything into my small car for hauling to the show! Ha. That reminds me that I did some of my craft fairs in Chicago, back when I lived there, with no car at all. Rolling suitcases do wonders. Of course, the tables had been provided in that case.

Now, I get to  run wild with a 10x10 space! Watch me! 


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