Music City Flea - Craft Fairs and Pop Up Shops

January 15th, 2022. Find White Whale Plants & Decor at The Marketplace in East Nashville's Music City Flea! I'll be there with a booth amongst many other fun vendors. 

This will be my first time in 9 years having a booth at an event like this. I sold strictly handmade goods previously, made by me, and one time I sold a bunch of aloe plants I had. It turns out, after many events, the plants have always been the things that sold the best. 

Now that I've gotten my own roots planted somewhere again (bought a house in 2020, amongst other things), I've been able to get lots of other roots growing. 

I'm excited about this. I have handmade items along with things I purchased wholesale which opens up so much more than what I could do alone, PLUS, plants! I never thought I would be this into plants, but the interest just blossomed (all puns always intended). 

I'll be there with a whole lotta love, and a whole lotta stuff to make your place look and feel nicer. Stop by and say hi, grab a plant, or plantable card, or maybe a terrarium kit, or stop by and just say hi! I'll be happy to see you. 

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